Author: Susan Allen


Sharon Hyde Christ the King, Memphis Albinos are called Zeroo, Zeroo or “ghost people”.  In Tanzania, it is estimated 1 in 1400 births are albino compared to the USA where it is 1 in 20K.  The Tanzania Government estimates there are over 300K albinos in Tanzania. The albinos have terrible skin sores and the sunburns

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Kahama’s Agape primary school graduation

Graduation is a much-celebrated event in Tanzania. Going to school is considered a privilege. These pictures are of Agape, another school run by the Lutheran Church in Kahama  for primary education.  Agape is located in the Kahama district of the South East of Lake Victoria diocese. Although many primary schools teach the children in the country’s

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SELVD holds fund raiser to benefit Mwadui Lutheran Secondary School

Mwadui  Lutheran Secondary School has recently been approved  by the Ministry of Education  to provide advanced education including forms five and six. The SELVD held a fundraiser with the goal of raising funds to build an additional administration building to accommodate the increased number of teachers that would be hired for these new students.    

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