Rev. Yohanna Nzelu installed as Assistant to Bishop Makala

 Posted by Cheryl Kruckemeyer, missionary This past Sunday Rev Nzelu was installed as Assistant to Bishop Makala of  South East of Lake Victoria Dioces (SELVD) in Tanzania. This lovely worship service and celebration filled the Lutheran Cathedral in Shinyanga with friends, beautiful music of many choirs and the Word of God.

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SELVD: Finding buildings for worship

This is a congregation in the Southeast of Lake Victoria. They have no church building of their own but worship in this tobacco barn that is empty for 6 to 8 months of the year.         One tradition of the churches in the Southeast of Lake Victoria diocese is after the service

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Tanzanians love to sing in their Worship services

The last service of our 2015 trip in Meatu was at the Baraka church pastored by Patrick Zengo.We presented the church with boxes of Bibles in Swahili. The choir sang their praises in this song which means Safety in Jesus. Notice their beautiful outfits as you listen to them sing.

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