TZ: Reformation anniversary celebration include praise, preaching and song

The visit around the town started from one of the Sub Parish called Mshikamano to Baraka Parish at the District Headquarters.

Celebrations in Meatu invites all in parades, worship, and song….


Christian leaders and elders of the church along with the evangelists and pastors go around the Meatu town to celebrate with a Billboard announcing the 500 anniversary of church reformation.

pastors lead

evangelists carry the sign

Everyone is welcome


they join in the march to worship

Galilaya choir from Mwamishali Parish performs during the competition. Choir competition is part of the celebration.

the town celebrates

babies come with their mothers


Agape choir from Baraka Parish performs during the competition.

Yerusalem choir from Paji Parish perform

Kwaya Kuu from Baraka Parish lead by Loyce Patric Zengo (Pastor Patric’s wife)

Upendo choir performs during the competition on the anniversary.

Choir performance is an important part of worship.