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History of new diocese

The Diocese was created on December 12, 2012 during the General Assembly at Macedonia Mwasele Parish at Shinyanga.  This was necessary because of the large area being serviced by the East of Lake Victoria Diocese. (ELVD).

South East of Lake Victoria Diocese (SELVD) is an arid area located south east of Lake Victoria, the population is 2,805,580 (2013) and the area covered is 50,781 Sq. KM or 19,601 sq. miles.  It has  six districts: South West District (Kahama), Shinyanga District(Shinyanga), Meatu,Southern District (Maganzo), Eastern District (Maswa) and Bariadi District (Bariadi).


Mission Statement

The church with people living in love, peace and joy, the people who are blessed spiritually, mentally and physically, the people with hope of inheritance of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

To connect all people to Jesus so that they can inherit eternal life, through preaching the Gospel in word and deeds with great emphasis on God’s Word as it is in the Bible and Lutheran confessions as it is in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania South East of Lake Victoria Diocese.

1) To connect people to Jesus. 2) To give Christians Holy Sacraments, 3) To emphasize unity, love and service in Christian community. 4) To serve all people spiritually, mentally and physically through Jesus Name

Love, integrity, respect, forgiving, transparency and honest.

“Mission is the Church sent into the world to LOVE, to serve, to preach, to heal to liberate.” Bosch; 1991, 412

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