Kanaan Kisesa: Joyful celebration

Bishop Makala shared a heartwarming story about being invited to dedicate a cornerstone at a church named Kanaan in the village of  Kisesa, a part of Kishapu district of South East of Lake Victoria diocese. The people in this village have been worshipping here since 1964! They have been worshipping in the open space. They

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Tanzanian students prepare for future with new E-learning tools

E-Learning computer labs enhance learning opportunities for  Tanzanian students  Mwadui Lutheran Secondary School has recently introduced the E-learning technology program to their students. They were proud to host Swedish visitors representing the Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC)  to see the program in action. E-learning program is an electronic system of learning different subjects like Mathematics, English,

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Naomi Widows Project was established by Judith Irwin of Murphy, N.C. She came to Tanzania in May 2016  on her second trip. This time her focus was on ministering to the spiritual needs of widows. But she saw the other needs as well and the vision of the Naomi Project was formed. In Tanzania. There

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