First time experience in African mission field exceeds expectations

Vicky Kline,Faith Lutheran Church, Tullahoma, TN


I am in total amazement that God used me and our American team along with the Tanzanian team to bring 2,158 people to be baptized and  begin a personal relationship with the Lord in just a few days. 

I have so many rich experiences to draw strength from this trip. I first met some lovely people from different parts of TN,  ARK, OK and IL.

Then we met more young men from Tanzania who have devoted their lives to spread the Gospel of Jesus to people who do not know Him as their personal Savior. It’s so heartwarming to think that my Lord orchestrated who I would meet and the new friendships we would form.


One outstanding part of the trip for me was the way the host and the evangelist sought out people who welcomed us to talk to them about Jesus. Strangers(us) just appeared one day and shared a story about Jesus who loved them, died and rose again for each of them. Then the question was posed: Who would like to be baptized? More often than not, the women, men and children lined up to have Jesus enter their hearts to have His forgiveness, love, mercy and grace available to each of them. 

Laurie Gent, Chris Mullinga, Magnus Matoli, Pastor Richard and I talked with one man and his son and daughter. The man listened but did not want to be baptized. However, his son did. You could tell the son wanted the fathers approval and he wanted to be baptized. The man nodded that it was okay. So the boy was baptized. Maybe the Holy Spirit will work through this young man to convince his father.

At the last village we were at a man came forward. He had witchcraft bands on his wrists. He was told he’d have to cut them off and we would dispose of them. He agreed. Chris cut the bands off and the man was baptized. Then he told us he was the leader of the village. He was grateful that we came to help him and his people . As a tear trickled from his eye, he now had hope for himself and his villagers. 

That’s certainly what Christ gives to each of us in this sinful world—His agape love, forgiveness, mercy, grace and hope.

There is no greater love than the  love of our Lord. John 14:13

What an awesome experience this mission trip was! I’m privileged to have been a part of it.