Kanaan Kisesa: Joyful celebration

Bishop Makala shared a heartwarming story about being invited to dedicate a cornerstone at a church named Kanaan in the village of  Kisesa, a part of Kishapu district of South East of Lake Victoria diocese. The people in this village have been worshipping here since 1964! They have been worshipping in the open space. They finally saved enough to start building their church and invited Bishop to come and dedicate the cornerstone.

Dr. Bishop Emmanuel Makala

To have a visit from the presiding bishop is a great honor and one worthy of joyful celebration. Tanzanians love to dance and sing and know how to make a  joyful noise to the Lord. They were so honored and proud to have a visit from the bishop and to dedicate the start of their facility. Imagine worshipping in the open since 1964 ( Bishop notes that he was born in 1964)!

Many in the congregation were elderly but danced and sang for joy. One lady actually fell to the ground but that did not stop her as she continued to sing for joy! Nothing was going to stop her rejoicing. Bishop said he was moved to tears as he witnessed this.

We rejoice with this congregation at their accomplishment.

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