Grant update: sewing and life skills are taught to young women in Tanzania.

sewing classes are held in the Bishop Makala training center in Negezi.

Thanks to a grant from the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) young women are continuing to learn vital skills to support themselves. South East of Lake Victoria Diocese has 10 districts and 62 parishes in and around the areas of Shinyanga and Simiyu regions of Tanzania.

mother and baby in worship service

This 6 month  program is taught by deaconesses to provide sewing skills and life lessons. They anticipated 50 trainees but 60 came to receive these skills. The young girls bring their babies with them and hold them during lessons tending to their nursing needs.

Future plans are for hostels to be constructed  to house the trainees due to the anticipated growth.



Deaconess Esther, far right, is responsible for the girls in the program. Bishop Makala, ,wife Lillian. and Pastor Godlisten Mzulla congratulate the young mothers.


Trainees and deaconesses appreciate the support from the LWML that provides them for  this ministry and pray for the continuation of the program.