Christmas Greetings from Third General Assembly SELVD

Dr. Bishop Makala

Christmas and Happy New Year Greetings from South East of Lake Victoria General Assembly to LCMS President Dr. Matthew Harrison and Mid-South District President Rev. Dr. Roger Paavola. We also feel happy to send greetings to Concordia Theological Seminary Fort Wayne President Dr. Lawrence Rast and all the professors.

Beside other discussed matters in the meeting Third General Assembly members came up with resolutions as follows; South East of Lake Victoria Diocese will remain confessional and not support liberal theology. It kept an emphasis on the two-year Diocese Word that the teaching and preaching will base on

Mt. 16:18 “…….… On this rock, I shall build my church …….…..”

Deaconesses and pastors wives









The Bible study lead by Bishop Dr. Emmanuel Joseph Makala should be published and distributed to all Christians in South East of Lake Victoria Diocese.

Mission and Evangelism should continue to be the first priority in the diocese regardless of rapid needs due to growth such as salaries, roofing materials, motors and capacity building training for Pastors and Evangelists.

We thank our many sponsors for supporting the Diocese with mission trips, motorcycles, church roofing, Pastor and Deaconesses training together with the support from Concordia Theological Seminary Fort Wayne, IN.