Ten evangelists graduation celebrated at Bishop Makala Training Centre

Ten evangelists graduate  from Bishop Makala Training Centre in Negezi, Tanzania.

Bob Allen, LCMS Mid-South District Mission Leader comments…..”The Southeast of Lake Victoria Diocese is doing a great job training Pastors, Evangelist and Deaconesses they have  a goal to train 38 new Pastors and 113 new Evangelists by 2019.   Another  program at the Negezi training center  that has been very successful is  training widows how to use a sewing machine so they can support their families.  What great work the SELVD is  doing!”


choir members sing at graduation

Upendo Choir Members who attended graduation ceremony.

handing out the diplomas

Bishop Makala hands out graduation certificates

graduates posing

Graduates pose with wives

tents made for the ceremony

tents were put up to accommodate the guests

bishop makala giving a speech

a speech from Bishop Makala


Many guests attend