Mungu akupenda we we…God loves you!

By: Jane Mayden
Immanuel Lutheran- Lockwood, Missouri
This was Jane’s second trip to Tanzania. Enjoy her reflections
Thursday through Tuesday were memory filled days! We continued to tell the Great Story of Jesus in the Kishupu region where our team total for the week was 1,109 baptized souls and after the rest of the team left for the Serengeti Chris and I visited the region around Mwadui baptizing another 90 with the help of Lutheran Bible Translators, Tiffany and the Medical Dispensary Director, Cheryl! Saturday was graduation at the Bishop Emmanuel Makala training center. There is an LWML-Tanzania sponsored classroom where they serve and host meals! Dr Masaki is here from the Ft Wayne Seminary and is well loved by his students! We enjoyed a little time at the Albino Orphanage at Mwadui handing out pretty dresses made by some sweet ladies in Lockwood, Mission soccer balls, hats and sunglasses. Sunday was ordination at the Shinyanga Ebenezer Cathedral! Can you believe-I have sat through my longest church service ever?!!! 7 hours! It was filled with singing, dancing and the happy faces of the 37 Pastors and 11 Deaconesses! Next stop for me was the Medical Dispensary with Cheryl. I saw the need for lab equipment! I left her with some supplies, including of course, some exercises for anyone needing Physical Therapy! We visited a colorful market for some gifts! We had fun evenings with the Payne kids back at Vigimark! As we get to the airport to fly home we see majestic Mt Kilimanjaro 🏔️Our God is a loving and forgiving God! So thankful for His Grace! Mungu akupenda we we- God loves you!