Fire burns down the dormitory, killing three children with disabilities in Shinyanga

Linda Funke post:

On the night of Nov. 23 around 11pm, a fire broke out in one of the dorms of the Buhangija refuge center and school in Shinyanga. This center houses kids with albinism and kids who are blind and/or deaf. Three girls died in the fire and 28 girls were injured. The three girls who died– Niliam Limbu (age 12), Caren Mayenga ( age 10), Catherine Paulo (age 10)– were all blind. Everything in the dorm was destroyed, so the girls that survived lost all of their personal possessions.

Our friends at SHADE are collecting donations for the girls at Buhangija who were affected by this tragedy. If you would like to contribute towards this fund go to and choose “Buhangija Relief Fund” from the drop down. Their Country Director and Outreach Coordinator on the ground will make sure the funds go to the right place and will be sending out updates to donors who provide their email. Thank you Claire Fedele for helping to arrange this and thank you to everyone who donates ❤️