Cows for Christmas….what a great idea

Cows for Christmas….what a wonderful idea! Redeemer Lutheran Church  in Periora, IL had this program last Christmas and called it a complete success.

Mwaudi Lutheran Secondary School in Tanzania  was able to purchase 9 female cows and 1 bull from the program.  Seven of the cows were pregnant when they arrived and are due to calve in January. This also means the dairy herd will grow from 10 to 17 very soon.

cows for christmas

Mwaudi Lutheran Secondary School herd

The secondary school students board during the school year and tending  the herd is a part of their lessons and daily chores. It also allows them to have fresh milk each day. This is not only nutritious, but a real treat for the students. When the cow ages out, they will have beef, another treat.

Pastor Johanna Nzelu, Headmaster, said they would like to have 10 more cows. They cost approximately $600 a cow. He added that goats cost $20-$30. They also milk goats and eat goat meat.

Why not think about doing this at your church? Perhaps you could designate  the offering on Christmas Eve service, collect  Sunday School offerings during the Christmas season,  service projects for the youth,  or all of the above.

We visit this school every year on our annual mission trip and can assure that the money is spent as intended. Headmaster Nzelu can purchase the cows in Arusha for the school. Avoid the red tape and administrative  costs of  working through  an organization. Contact Bob Allen with questions or instructions about directing your tax deductible contribution.