7th Annual Theological Symposium held

 By: Naomichi Masaki

On August 8-11, South East of Lake Victoria Diocese of ELCT held her 7th Annual Theological Symposium that drew 155 registered participants including pastors, deaconesses, 4th cohort Concordia Pastoral and Diaconal Training Program students, and evangelists. Pastor Peter Brock (St. John, Bingen, and First Vice President of Indiana District) and I served as lecturers. This year we had two topics chosen by Bishop Nzelu: (1) Ecumenical Movement, and (2) Lay (Charismatic) Movement. In those, we went deep in the Scripture concerning the Holy Spirit. Here in SELVD, the Word grows and grows like in the Book of Acts. What a joy for us to support SELVD, both Indiana District, St. John Bingen, Iowa District East (LCMS), CTSFW, and ILC. SDG!

Pastor Brock. This year, our lectures weee translated on site by Bishop Dr. Nzelu, Assistant Bishop Dr. Mono, former Bishop Dr. Makala, Rev. Silas Mkiraweni, STM, Rev. Magnus Motoli (admitted into CTSFW’s MA program. And Yovin Laswai , oirb4th cohort student. They have been excellent. Thank you!

With former Bishop Makala, Bishop Nzelu, Assistant Bishop Mono, and pastor Brock. On the first day of the symposium, Bishop Makala intentionally did not dress like bishop in order to draw people’s attention to the new Bishop Nzelu.

With many of the 4th Cohort of Concordia Pastoral and Diaconal Training Program (CPDTP). Requested by SELVD, CTSFW has been serving with them and supporting team to administer this program since 2013. The current cohort is by far the largest in size. Six out of sixteen courses have been taught so far.

The new seminary construction, phase 1, has started last month within the campus of SELVD’s headquarters, building large classrooms and administration building and one of the two dormitories.

During the symposium, I as director of the program held special meetings with CPDTP’s 4th cohort students. They were very fruitful.