Sunday services don’t wait for a church building…bringing the gospel to Wataturu and Sukuma tribes

Yohanna preaches in  SELVDpreaching in the bush

Pstor Yohana Nzelu  accompanies newly ordained Pastor Luca Mwigulu and assists in preaching at Magalata on a recent Sunday.  64 Sukuma and Wataturu people were  baptized.

In this area located north and east of Shinyanga town, there are many people from the  Sukuma and Wataturu tribes. These are two tribes considered to be  unreached people groups. The Wataturu tribe is one of the larger remaining tribal groups in Tanzania, they only have the New Testament in their tribal language of Kitaturu.

Notice that the people don’t wait for a building to come to hear preaching. Often the evangelists  play music to gather the people but word of mouth is works well.The area around in this part of Tanzania is very dry, with limited access to water. Sickness and disease run rampant, and the people are eager to seek assistance from witch doctors.

We pray for Pastor Lucas as he begins his new ministry in Magalata and shares the gospel message to these people. This is another reason why supporting  the training of new pastors to minister in these areas is so great.

 Matthew 9:37 The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

crowds gather to hear preaching