Sinema Leo means movie now….outreach to remote areas of Tanzanai.

Chris Mullinga is a staff member of South East of Lake Victoria (SELVD) diocese. He has many duties including driving and also is responsible for Sinema Leo.  Sinema Leo means movie now, is a mobile movie van consisting of a generator, sound system, and a movie screen.  It is a very effective means of evangelism to unreached groups in remote areas.

Chris and other staff members drive to a remote area and use a  loud speaker to announce that a movie will be shown at dark.  They set up in an open field to show the movie, about the life of Christ in their native language. It is very impressive to see the response to the movie and it is an effective means of evangelism. This opens the door to baptisms and more evangelism efforts to the area including church planting opportunities.

These pictures show the outreach to the Wataturu tribe. We have previously posted about this interesting tribe from a video of a mission trip posted by Paul Tackett.

To learn more about this ministry and upcoming mission trips, including the 2018 trip, please contact Bob Allen.

Chris Mullinga

What a treat to see a Sinema movie van in your village

All over the world, people love to pose for pictures

staff of the SELVD meet with tribe members

everyone loves selfies

boys love to play fight