Buhangija Albino Center

One of the most sobering places we have visited the last few years on our annual mission trip the Buhangija Albino Center in Shinyanga.  This is a place where we see the innocence of youth and learn of the evils of man. The Buhangija Albino compound is one of 4 or 5 similar compounds in

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Career Day in Tanzania

Cindy and Mike Jurgensen of Memphis, TN went to Tanzania two weeks early to spend time at a Lutheran Secondary School. They report their experiences spending time with students there on career day.  One student was so excited about Mike’s teaching on his years of being a pilot, that he wrote a letter to him

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The Naomi Project: From widow to child of God

By: Judy Irwin There is such  great comfort in the knowledge that nothing comes into our lives without  first passing through God’s filter, especially when a life changing event occurs.  The sudden illness and death of my husband in 2011 was such an event.  At the time, I had no idea the journey that the

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