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Best friendships are formed on the mission field

One of the best things about taking a mission trip is spending time with both old and new friends in an environment that makes everlasting memories. It is fun to meet people,especially those taking their first mission trip.  On a mission trip you bond in a totally different way. We  share food, medicine, clothes, water

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Sharon R. Hyde, Christ the King Lutheran Church,Memphis, TN June 2018 This year the first change was our international airport would not be Atlanta as it has been the past two times I went.  Check . . . easy peasy, that change didn’t bother me at all. Next, this would be the first trip not going

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Jon Hitz: Tanzania will not forget you

Jon Hitz from Ascension Lutheran Church in Columbus, NE has been an eager member of our annual mission trips to Tanzania five times.  At age 75, he has a spry step and can outwalk the younger members. His enthusiasm is unmatched. His jokes may be corny, but his upbeat attitude is refreshing. Jon has a

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Buhangija Albino Center

One of the most sobering places we have visited the last few years on our annual mission trip the Buhangija Albino Center in Shinyanga.  This is a place where we see the innocence of youth and learn of the evils of man. The Buhangija Albino compound is one of 4 or 5 similar compounds in

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