Fund raising for mission trip to Tanzania

Heidi Johnson

Heidi Johnson from Missouri loves taking mission trips to Tanzania. She has a heart for the people and work there. Heidi goes with the group from Christ the King out of Memphis. She is ingenious in her fund raising for her trips. This time she has a puzzle fund raiser. She applied and received an action team support  from Thrivent Financial to pay for supplies and prizes. Kudos to Heidi and many blessings on your trip in May.

“If anyone likes doing puzzles and wouldn’t mind coming to Lockwood on Sunday afternoon, our Tanzania Mission team has four more spots open. (YES we are planning to go this year!!!!) Cost is $30 for a three person team. We are only taking 10 teams to allow for social distancing. We will provide snacks and each team gets to keep their puzzle. Prizes for first team to find their four corners are 150 piece mini puzzles of famous artwork for each team member. First team to put together their border gets a $20 gift certificate to Muncy’s Supermarket for each team member. Grand prize for the first team to finish the 500 piece puzzle is a $40 Visa gift card for each team member. Snacks and drinks will be provided.”