Evangelizing in the bush is only the beginning. Church planting continues after visitors leave

Evangelism on the annual trips to Tanzania is more of a church planting project. The LCMS has a partnership with the Lutheran church in Tanzania. They are educating pastors, building churches, evangelizing, and disciplining the Tanzanian population. Bush evangelism is only  the introduction. The visitors  drive long distances over dusty roads and walk  by foot into the villages.

traveling dusty

walking in the bush







Each group with a visiting American also  has a local evangelist, pastor, and translators.  Sometimes translation goes from English to Swahili and finally to Sukuma.

sharon telling the story

Sharon using flip chart to tell the story



It is important to note that the scribe plays an integral part of the team. He/she fills out a baptismal form on each person who is baptized. This form lists their tribal name and the new Christian named selected. Just look at all the information that is recorded. This is needed for the evangelist or pastor assigned to that area to follow up and continue the teaching.


chris E is baptizing


Chris and Joseph

Chirs and Joseph



baptismal certificate

Baptismal certificate filled out on each person baptized. This is left with the pastor in charge who provides care for this area. This allows for follow up and continued discipleship.