The Word goes forth in Tanzania…

On our annual mission trip to Tanzania in May of this year, we were driving down a narrow trail on one of our evangelism outings.  An old man and his son moved to the side of the road to let our van pass. We began talking with them out of the car window. They were interested in who we were and what we were doing there. We told them we were there to tell the story of Jesus.

They wanted to know more. We got out of the vehicle along with Pastor Odolous Gyunda, our driver Reuben Lanza. They sometimes have to translate from English to Swahili and then to Sukuma.

translating the Word


 Using our evangecube we told them the simple but powerful gospel message. Pretty soon we had about 20 people gathered to hear the story. Most of them we returning from work in the fields. They too wanted to know about this Jesus. One man asked us to come to his home and tell his family. We did that and many baptisms followed.

taking her name before baptisms

The South East of Lake Victoria Diocese (SELVD) of the Lutheran Church in Tanzania follows up with local evangelists, pastors and will plant a church in this area. At the conclusion of this trip, the team witnessed 1263  baptisms.