The Trump family of Eastern & Southern Africa….10 years of service

What a wonderful story highlighting ten years of service of the Shauen Trump family in Africa. Click on this link for the full story.

“We are privileged to have served with the Office of International Mission for ten years, walking alongside God’s people here, alongside our fellow coworkers in the Kingdom, and alongside the congregations and members of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. In these ten years of work and life in East Africa, we have experienced great challenges and great joys. We have walked with lay helpers becoming evangelists, going off to seminary, returning to serve as pastors, and becoming leaders in their church. We have rejoiced as churches experience amazing growth through the Holy Spirit. Our family has grown, our missionary team has grown, our responsibilities have grown, and the Lord has carried us day by day. In our 11th year of service in East Africa, we praise the Lord for His generous provision, for His work through our hands, for His kindness in showing us glimpses of what He is doing among His people.” – Rev. Shauen Trump-

Shauen, Krista, Josiah, Elijah, Isaiah and Jeremiah Trump