OK Vacation Bible School offering brings the Good News to many in Tanzania

Immanuel Lutheran Church in Broken Arrow, OK collected over $2,000 for our sister diocese in Tanzania to help buy motorbikes for the pastors serving congregations. Pastors serve several congregations that are miles apart. They often walk, ride bicycles and in some cases ride public transportation,when available, to get to their assigned churches. Pastors serve several

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Theological Symposium is a blessing in Tanzania

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania – South East of Lake Victoria Diocese in collaboration with Evangelical Lutheran Church in America – Missouri Synod conducted a five day Theological Symposium from February 22-26.  The Symposium was  facilitated by Dr. Masaki, Professor Schutz and Professor Timothy Quill.This Team from the LCMS is supported by staff from South East of Lake

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Christ the King in Memphis prepares for 2016 trip to Tanzania

The group at Christ the King in Memphis, TN works and fund raises for two years so they can make a trip to Tanzania to serve and spread the gospel message. They are very ingenious ideas with their  fundraising ideas from serving dinners to making crafts to sell as outlined in this previous post. This is

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