Shinyanga Albino Ministry -update

Tanzania, ELCT-SELVD (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania – Southeast of Lake Victoria Diocese) Great news from Shaun Trump. Teams from
the Mid-South District have been supporting ministry to the Albinos in the Shinyanga Region. This year during our visit to the Mwadui Lutheran
Secondary School the Head Master/Assistant Bishop Yohana Nzelu showed us 2 new buildings that had been built at the back of the School property.

This building had been built by support from Pastor Peter Brocks congregation Decatur, IN (St. John, Bingen). A group of 23 are going to Mwadui in July 2022 to work on 2 more homes for Albino Students.

From Shaun Trumps  ( LCMS Regional Director for Africa) email—
What great news. Much of this work is being done by
others, but I must credit the Mid-South District support of the Pastor Training program at Negezi and Shinyanga Albino Ministry -update St. John, Bingen in Decatur, IN has provided humanitarian aid to the albino children since 2014. On-going mission teams to the SELVD to be a catalyst for this good work. Pastor Brock has gone to Negezi for a number of years teaching in the Pastor training program and his congregation has provided great hospitality on Sundays to the Selvd students studying
at CTSFW. God has really blessed this ministry.”

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