Partnerships for Mwadui Lutheran Secondary School can bring this community clinic/dispensary to a reality

The 2017 mission trip from the LCMS Mid-South District stopped by Mwadui Lutheran Secondary School on the end of their trip. The returning visitors were so impressed with the progress made. We had a chance to visit with Eric Funke on the work and tour of their the new computer lab. He and his wife, Linda have served the school for 4+ years as missionaries in the role of teacher and school social worker respectively.

2017 mission team hears proposal for clinic/dispensary

We were especially impressed with their latest project to build a clinic/dispensary for the school and surrounding community.  The school, which now ranks as #1 secondary school in the district due to the high rate of passing scores, now is home to more than 300 students. Currently, the only option to these students for health care is an expensive hospital in the area. Due to these high costs, students and members of the community must travel many miles to nearby towns with more affordable care. The proposed clinic/dispensary could also serve as an outreach to the community showing God’s unconditional love and mercy for all.

Work has begun but funding is needed to complete construction. Currently, students, their parents, and staff are fundraising to finish the project. Doctors and nurses have expressed interest in staffing this facility.

Eric outlined their goals of the necessary $30,000 US dollars/TZS59,766,000.00 to complete the project. They are already working on fundraising projects with the Tanzanians. It is impressive to see the work and enthusiasm of the Tanzanians to work on this project.

Eric, Linda and Michael Funke

If 4 to 5 US partners could fund $3-5,000, this clinic would become a reality. Many churches, individuals, companies and ministry groups can help. Eric breaks down the needs and costs in his presentation. I invite you to read and share a copy of the presentation LETTER FOR DISPENSARY (002).