Pray for Trouble

Sharon Hyde of Christ the King in Memphis is preparing for her upcoming mission trip….her third and this time it is special as she taking her daughter. She asked me for the link to the old blog that had this story. This was posted in 2014. I thought it was worth remembering here as well….

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SELVD: Two week walkathon raises funds for continued work…215 miles

  Kusoma ukurasa huu kwa Kiswahili ubonyeze hapa. Today Bishop Emmanuel Makala  started a two week walkathon to raise funds for the mission work  of the diocese. The walkathon will be approximately 215 miles and go through the  entire district.  During the walk, they will involve preaching, praying, and baptizing. The theme of the walkathon comes from

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Naomi Project flourishes and provides…

Naomi Widows Project was birthed in 2016 by Judy Irwin of Murphy, NC following a mission trip to the area. The purpose is to help widows have seed money to start a small business to support themselves and their children following the death of their husband. Tanzania does not have life insurance or social security.

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