Bush evangelism baptize seven including witch doctor

Joe Kuhlman, Tulsa, OK, June 7, 2018 Jessica Strong, a first time mission team member, Ibrahim (student pastor in Tanzania who acted as our interpreter), a local  evangelist, along with several local women and myself were part of a group out doing bush evangelism. We were on our way back to meet the other teams

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Impressions of my first mission trip to Tanzania

Robin Eggerman,Immanuel Lutheran Church Lockwood, MO My first reaction was one of wonder and amazement. The people were so warm and welcoming. We were always greeted with wonderful smiles, enthusiastic handshakes and often times heart-felt hugs. When our teams visited homes, the families were always happy to greet us and stopped whatever they were doing

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Sharon R. Hyde, Christ the King Lutheran Church,Memphis, TN June 2018 This year the first change was our international airport would not be Atlanta as it has been the past two times I went.  Check . . . easy peasy, that change didn’t bother me at all. Next, this would be the first trip not going

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