Mwakidiga builds their church

Mwakidiga is a  small village with no churches for miles. Our 2017 mission team visited this area for daily evangelism visits. The pastors and evangelists had been working in this area and over 500 people were baptized in 2017.

People often comment after hearing the number of people reached and baptized that they will not stay the faith.The fact is Pastor Geoffrey Tenga and Evangelist Fredrick and District Pastor Odolous Gyunda begin instructions for all new members immediately.

praying over the land for the church

land purchased for building








Most congregations begin by acquiring land and planning to build a church but Mwakidiga is different, they purchased the land  ( mission members helped) while we were doing daily evangelism and in the last two months they have already built their church.

Remember they clear the land, make bricks and literally build the church themselves.


They are proud of their church and we rejoice with them.