Mwadui Lutheran Secondary School is back in session. Students are happy to be back.

From Cheryl Kruckemeyer, missionary…

I plan to fulfill a two-year commitment of service in Mwadui, Tanzania, teaching English at Mwadui Lutheran Secondary School, serving the albino population there, teaching ESL to adults, and so much more as God leads me. You can follow her on Facebook at Tales of Tanzania.

This is a boarding school and the students have a long  school day. Notice the times for their meals.


Group counseling session # 1. Off to a good start. It will be a great year!

Students finally get to sit down to a lunch of ugali and beans. They have a breakfast of porridge and small buns (mandazi) at 9:30am. They are in class until 3:30pm and then have lunch. At 7:00pm more ugali or rice for dinner.

Ugali is delivered in the 5-gallon buckets from which they take their individual portions. I never hear any complaints.

Ugali is shown here on the plates.