SELVD dedicates cornerstone for new home for vulnerable children at Mwadui Lutheran Secondary School

Beginning the blessing service for the cornerstone of the new home for vulnerable children on Mwadui’s campus. We are so thankful to Pastor Peter Brock of St. John Lutheran in Decatur, IL for spearheading the fundraising for this project. It will serve many children in the future, including children with albinism.

Bishop Makala blessed the cornerstones of the new gate and new children’s home at Mwadui Lutheran Secondary School.

students view the celebration

Dr. Bishop Emmanuel Makala dedicates cornerstone

Dedication of new gate

Julia Funke seems interested in hearing the reading from a teacher.

Photo and story credits: Linda Funke



It says “This building’s cornerstone was laid by Bishop Dr. Emmanuel J. Makala of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania– South East of Lake Victoria Diocese on January 12, 2020. 2 Thessalonians 3:8b”

A view of the children’s home without the crowds. It will have two wings– eight boys in one wing, eight girls in another and a house mother for each side. In the middle will be the kitchen and a play area.

Today we commemorated the baptism of Jesus, and it was the perfect time to also celebrate the baptism of one of our school’s new teachers– Masumbuko (Joseph) Mzumbi.