Jon Hitz: Tanzania will not forget you

Jon with mission team member Laurie Gent.

Jon Hitz from Ascension Lutheran Church in Columbus, NE has been an eager member of our annual mission trips to Tanzania five times.  At age 75, he has a spry step and can outwalk the younger members. His enthusiasm is unmatched. His jokes may be corny, but his upbeat attitude is refreshing.

Jon has a heart for missions and evangelism. He speaks at churches, clubs or anyplace that will allow him to speak. The purpose of his speaking is to raise funds to buy Bibles and hymnals in Swahili for the churches and new Christians in the area. He has been very successful typically raising around $3,000 to spend on these needs. He is generous with his own giving, helping to plant and build churches in Tanzania.

He did not get to come in 2016 due to the death of his son and his own heart attack. On his 2017 trip, he told us that this would be his last mission trip. His wife Betty has put her foot down! Jon has cochlear implants to aid him since he is totally deaf without them but other health issues are now ruling out future mission trips.

When Jon said his final goodbyes to his friends in Tanzania, his final words were….I will never forget you. Jon Hitz will never be forgotten in Tanzania. His work to enlarge the Kingdom will flourish and be remembered for eternity.

Godspeed and best wishes to Jon. May days be filled with much laughter and many more corny jokes.

2017 mission team members