Our Challenges

Many people in the country of Tanzania still practice traditional beliefs, and animism,  which includes the worship of deceased ancestors. Some people still consult witch doctors and follow their advice. This often results in violence to women and children. For instance, older women who have red eyes are considered witches and are in danger of being killed.
old woman living in village in TanzaniaThere is a high incidence of albinism in this country and some believe that their body parts can bring good luck or riches. The albinos are in danger of being mutilated or killed.We still battle with corruption and domestic violence.

albino orphans in Tanzania








Due to poverty and lack of resources, and  clean water, diseases flourish such as Malaria, TB, Malnutrition, Gastrointestinal Diseases, HIV-AIDS, Diabetes.








We need new technology and the education to use these resources to  protect our natural resources and teach the people how to support their families.

 bicycles transport goods  to market

We need to provide education  to all  our children.

 reading to children in Tanzania










Our biggest need is to introduce and spread the  Gospel of Jesus Christ through church planting and equipping of pastors.  For the year, 2019 we anticipate training 38 new pastors and 113 new evangelists. Our current pastors need continuing education opportunities.

rainbow over church in Tanzania