Best friendships are formed on the mission field

One of the best things about taking a mission trip is spending time with both old and new friends in an environment that makes everlasting memories. It is fun to meet people,especially those taking their first mission trip.  On a mission trip you bond in a totally different way.

We  share food, medicine, clothes, water bottles, suitcases and seats in our car. Each day our concerns about our hair, make up, appearance  goes by the wayside. We have more important things to think about. We are pulling together for our mission.

When someone’s suitcase does make the flight….we offer our clothes.I have been the recipient of other people giving me some of their meds when I experienced some illness.  Whether we are piled into land rovers for a rough ride or walking through the bush, we are one in the mission. We laugh and share  memories that  last  forever.

And we have fun!! Consider joining us in 2019.

Photo credits: Jess Strong and Shirley Piepenbrink

did my suitcase get loaded?

one suitcase arrived late- 5 days in

ready to roll

Hey, these roads are not bad

but soon they get rough

and rougher


Sometimes I think our drivers must have been trained as stunt drivers


but they always make it


we share the road with cows

eating lunch under the trees


a treat

lunch in the bush

we worship together Tanzanian style except we can not sing and dance as well as them.