A mission outreach event occurred in the Bariadi District during the week of July 19-26, 2015 in the Southeast of Lake Victoria Diocese (SELVD). 107 lay people supported by 28 pastors joined in outreach in the villages, many traveling from other regions in Tanzania. The team was led by head of the Lutheran Church of Tanzanian Bishop Dr. Alex Malasusa and Bishop Emmanuel Makala of SELVD.

This event was part of a national campaign by the Lutheran Church of Tanzania in response for killing of albinos, a group of who are targeted by the witch doctors who convince the population that body parts contain magical properties.  The only permanent solution for the albino scandal in Tanzania is preaching the Gospel.   Residents of Bariadi said “they thank our God for this wide vision of the diocese and the parish to reach out to many people of the district, Christian and non-believers alike with the Good News.”

The Teams of evangelist  and Pastors went into all villages of the District including: Lamada, Ngela, Mwamachibya, Nyashimo, Mkula, Sapiwi, Masewa, Dutwa, Mwakibuga, Bvpandagila, Ng’wang’wali, Nyangokolwa, Gaswa, Ikindilo, Sanungu, Lyalu, Mbiti, Ngulyati, Ngala, Gambosi, Luguru, Ngeme, Mwamapalala and the City of Bariadi.

Bishop Malasusa was taken to a district called ITILIMA that has 112 villages.  This is a district there were no Christians, 100% inhabitant are traditional believers with more than 4,000 traditional healers (witch doctors). Officials from the Tanzanian government came to Bishop Makala four times asking him to plant churches there because the government workers are uncomfortable living and working there. They feel threatened by witchcraft activities in the areas. Bishop Makala promised to Bishop Dr. Malasusa that, in 2016 there will be more than 4,000 Christians in the district.

This is big commitment.  However, in that one week more than 1,000 people were baptized in different villages with data from many villages yet to be reported.

bariadi outreach

Outreach gathering

bishop sharing good news (2)

Bishop Makala in house to house evangelism