Author: Susan Allen

Tanzanian students prepare for future with new E-learning tools

E-Learning computer labs enhance learning opportunities for  Tanzanian students  Mwadui Lutheran Secondary School has recently introduced the E-learning technology program to their students. They were proud to host Swedish visitors representing the Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC)  to see the program in action. E-learning program is an electronic system of learning different subjects like Mathematics, English,

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Instructional forum brings many parishes together for two day training

The leadership of the SELVD hosted a two days instructional forum for the directors, pastors, district secretary, evangelists and deacons. It is held in Mwadui Lutheran Secondary School social hall.  This was an opportunity for fellowship and education. Districts represented included Ebenezer Parish Cathedral, West District (Kahama), South West District (Ushetu), Msalala District, Eastern District

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Mwakidiga builds their church

Mwakidiga is a  small village with no churches for miles. Our 2017 mission team visited this area for daily evangelism visits. The pastors and evangelists had been working in this area and over 500 people were baptized in 2017. People often comment after hearing the number of people reached and baptized that they will not

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