Author: Susan Allen

Cows for Christmas….what a great idea

Cows for Christmas….what a wonderful idea! Redeemer Lutheran Church  in Periora, IL had this program last Christmas and called it a complete success. Mwaudi Lutheran Secondary School in Tanzania  was able to purchase 9 female cows and 1 bull from the program.  Seven of the cows were pregnant when they arrived and are due to calve in

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Mission trip to Tanzania described as life changing.

Sherry Johnson, Trinity Lutheran Church, Houston, TX shares her story of her recent trip to Tanzania that she took with Karen Schescke. My trip to Tanzania was life changing.  We were sent to share love and Jesus with the people in Shinyanga but I believe we were impacted and changed as much as they were.  Our

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Itilima Outreach…..overcoming witch doctors with the Gospel

There are a number villages in the South East of Lake Victoria Diocese ( SELVD) that present challenges to ministry  outreach because of the number of traditional believers that practice  a belief of superstition. These villages include: Lamadi, Ngela, Mwamachibya, Nyashimo, Mkula, Sapiwi, Masewa, Dutwa, Mwakibuga, Bupandagila, Ng’wang’wali, Nyangokolwa, Gaswa, Ikindilo, Sanungu, Lyalu, Mbiti, Ngulyati,

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