Author: Susan Allen

Itilima Outreach…..overcoming witch doctors with the Gospel

There are a number villages in the South East of Lake Victoria Diocese ( SELVD) that present challenges to ministry  outreach because of the number of traditional believers that practice  a belief of superstition. These villages include: Lamadi, Ngela, Mwamachibya, Nyashimo, Mkula, Sapiwi, Masewa, Dutwa, Mwakibuga, Bupandagila, Ng’wang’wali, Nyangokolwa, Gaswa, Ikindilo, Sanungu, Lyalu, Mbiti, Ngulyati,

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A mission outreach event occurred in the Bariadi District during the week of July 19-26, 2015 in the Southeast of Lake Victoria Diocese (SELVD). 107 lay people supported by 28 pastors joined in outreach in the villages, many traveling from other regions in Tanzania. The team was led by head of the Lutheran Church of

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Sinema Leo mobile movie van ministry in Tanzania

            Sinema Leo, a mobile movie van, is a tremendous ministry in Tanzania. The van goes into villages, many of which have no electricity and show the Jesus movie in Swahili. Hundreds of people appear, just after dark, to see a movie, sometimes for the first time. Some hear the name Jesus

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