Albino women learn to sew and pray for safety

One of the ministries of the Southeast of Lake Victoria Diocese of the Lutheran Church in  Tanzania is providing shelter, security, and training for several young albino women. Two deaconesses care for them in this modest dwelling without electricity or plumbing.

They have trundle sewing machines that they learn to operate to eventually become self-supporting. They are grateful for this help. As they introduced themselves, giving their names, ages and home village, there were some that did not know their age. This is not unusual.

During our visit to them, they prepared us a meal and sang a song for us. The words of this song express the sorrow they are feeling.

Their words tell their plight…..”We don’t know the fate of our lives. We live in persecution. We live in doubts/worries. We live in difficulties and doubts. We ask the government to help us.”

Click here to listen to their song of woo.

Young women live in this compound for safety and learning

they learn to sew to support themselves