Albino compound, Deaconesses House 2021 Mission Trip

By Heidi Johnson
Team member
Lamar, MO
Today we visited an albino compound and the Deaconess House. At the albino compound we donated bags of rice and beans for food, bucket hats made by Chris Kremp, ball caps and sunglasses from Sharon Ruleman Hyde and sandals that the group had purchased. We also shared some candy and stickers. We left most things for the matrons to disperse so that there wasn’t a mob!!
At the Deaconess House, we also donated food, as well as the skirts and coin purses that Chris Kremp had made. The girls staying there come for three months to learn to sew. Most of them are albino and are pursuing further education and are learning to speak English. They also performed a beautiful song for us.
I have another post from yesterday’s visit to Christ the King that won’t post because it has video, but the videos are too precious not to share, so it will have to wait. Maybe it will post from an airport when we are on the way home.
This trip has been so very fulfilling. I thank everyone for your good thoughts and prayers!! Tomorrow will will go to church at the church that has been the base for our evangelism. Chris will be preaching the sermon.