Albino compound visitors show care and concern….for the least of these

Deaconess Sandra Rhein and Dr. Peter Brock, from Ft. Wayne Seminary, spent two weeks in Tanzania teaching at the mission training center in Negezi. They also found time to visit the Buhangija Albino Centre in the Shinyanga region. They brought gifts of rice and beans to the compound which was greatly appreciated and needed.

The compound houses albino children of all ages for their safety from witch doctors who maim and kill them for their body parts.  They are seen as outcasts for this reason. The witch doctors teach the people that these parts will bring them good luck.  For their safety, they are raised in this gated community. Space, food, medicine and educational needs are sparse.  Recent publicity from all over the world has brought some help, but more is needed.

The pictures tell the story.

school at albino compound

class at albino compound

visit to compound rheim

Deaconess Rhein makes a friend

nursery at albino compound

nursery at albino compoun

Block and Rheim deliver food to albino compound

greetings and gifts of beans and rice

eating at albino compound

children eating porridge at compound

touring bedding at albino compound

touring dorm rooms