Mwadui Secondary School receives gifts of Kindle Fires from American students

presenting kindles to school

2016 mission team from Mid-South district of LCMS

The 2016 mission trip to Tanzania is finished, and filled us with  many wonderful memories. One of my favorites is visiting the Mwadui Lutheran Secondary school. We came  to present the students with a gift of six new Kindle Fires loaded with reference materials and two tablets for their use in the new library that is under construction.

The six Kindle fires were a gift from my grandchildren who gave of their savings and my son in law who loaded reference material on them for their use.

The children enjoyed receiving the gifts. They love electronics and appreciate the opportunity to use them. These students have their classes in English so they can use these reference materials.

reading letters to school

Mission team presents gifts and letters from American students

As I presented it to them, I also read them letters written by the grandchildren to them. They enjoyed hearing from American students.

Thanks Eli, John, Samantha, and Finley.


Students gather at Mwadui Lutheran Secondary School to hear about gifts